Take the Climate Oath

The situation is dire.

You can be a part of the problem. Or be a part of the solution.

We have only a few years left to transform our industries. Business as usual is not an option anymore. Business must change. We must change business.

Only 100 companies are responsible for more than 70% of global emissions. Industries can change, if we want them to.

Customers can boycott. Investors can divest. Governments can regulate.

We are the workforce, the freelancers, the contractors. We have responsibility. We can refuse to work for those who refuse to change.

Take the Climate Oath. Put in in your public profile. For clients and recruiters to see it.

The Climate Oath

I will refuse to work for companies or projects that accelerate the effects of climate change.

I will refuse to work to extract, refine, distribute, or raise consumption of fossil fuels.

I will refuse to work to produce, design, or sell products based on internal combustion engines that consume fossil fuels.

I will refuse to work to manufacture products that are designed to raise the output of greenhouse gases or climate-damaging waste into the atmosphere.

I will refuse to work to lobby, advertise or greenwash for companies that engage in denying the urgency of climate change or that engage in blocking climate-related regulation of their industries.

I will refuse to train, educate or consult employees and contractors of such companies or projects.

I will prioritize work for companies or projects that combat climate change over business decisions that do not - even if it is less lucrative.

Mention the Climate Oath in your public CV or put it in your social media profile.

Questions / Answers

Is climate change real?
There is no room for debate on this anymore. It is.

Isn't this a futile symbolic gesture?
Symbolic gestures have been a part of politics since… forever. This isn't merely symbolic. If we want to change business, we must signal our readiness to be part of the mobilization necessary to achieve the transformation of our economy.

Is this a leftist anti-business initiative?
No, we love business and capitalism and believe that transforming the economy to address climate change is better for the economy, locally and worldwide.

I work on a project that accelerates climate change.
Many do. Now is the time to change that.

Should I leave my job?
Unless you are in a position to change the trajectory of your company or your industry, you probably should.

I work in a problematic industry, but my project is clean.
Look at your project - do they actually mean it or are you an accomplice in a greenwashing effort? Do you build electric cars, but your boss continues pushing to keep fossil fuel cars on the market? Does your work actually transform your company to the better? Only you can decide wether your conscience is clear, so you must decide on your own where to draw the line.

But I love my job / but I need the money.
If you found a way to justify the damaging results of your work to yourself, you probably aren't reading this. If you read this, rest assured that the economy most likely has enough alternative jobs in less problematic industries for a professional like you.